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Welcome to SingleHop's API Wiki

SingleHop offers a Application Programming Interface (API) for LEAP and Tandem. We created these APIs so that our customers could build applications that can interact and exchange data with the SingleHop's server management, ticketing and billing systems. You can use our API to create internal tools that can manage your account data, open service tickets, and manage your servers. If you represent a company that resells hosting services you can use our API to build a portal that your own customers can use to access and maintain their accounts.

LEAP and Tandem

The LEAP API allows you interact with portions of LEAP programmatically. It has four modules: Account, Support, Billing, and Server. It's best use would be to create a internal tool for you and your employees to use in administrating your servers.

The Tandem API is a subset of the LEAP API. The Tandem API offers a similar but smaller set of functions than the main LEAP API, but we used it internally to build It's best use would be to build a similar site, but more tightly integrated with your current site. Tandem offers the Account, Support, and Server modules, but not the Billing module.

Every time you make a request for data through the SingleHop API the request must provide login credentials and a API Key that SingleHop assigns to your company. SingleHop controls access to customer data and can disable a key that is misused.

Please be sure to read our Working with the API Modules and Functions page for a run down of the basics.


The Tandem API

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